Ruapuna Park 2012 v1.0

Ruapuna Park 2012 for GTR2

Credits :

Original Track created by Danman for Nascar Racing 2003
converted and revised for rFactor by Hugh Jarse
rFactor to GTR2 Conversion and revised by Neel Jani

I thank Hugh Jarse for authorizations granted.

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

Mike Pero Motorsport Park, (often referred to as Ruapuna), is a permanent motor racing circuit owned and operated by the Canterbury Car Club Inc. on land leased from the Christchurch City Council. It is located at 107 Hasketts Road in Templeton, 13 kilometres (8.08 mi) west of Christchurch, New Zealand. It was opened as Ruapana Park in 1963, and between 2004 and 2013 was known as Powerbuilt Raceway at Ruapuna Park.

Powerbuilt Raceway Long Circuit

The track also features a drag strip, pit garages, racing school, speedway circuit and even a radio controlled car circuit. There are a number of configurations of the circuit with licences from FIA Grade 3 to National grades 1, 2 and 3.

The track surface is hot mix bitumen and runs for 3.33 kilometres (2.07 mi) in a counter-clockwise direction with many fast sweeping corners. It rewards smooth and tidy drivers. It supports six layouts, from the 1.31km “A Track” to the 3.44km “Grand Prix with dipper”. The track features on the motorsport racing simulation game Project CARS 2 as Ruapana Park.

The track was opened in November 1963. The circuit was a fairly simple sealed surface road course, at just a mile in length and comprising essentially a flat tri-oval with an extended main straight down to a hairpin bend. In 1976 the main straight was widened and a staging area added to allow drag racing to take place. The biggest change in the circuit’s history came in 1993 when it was extended to 3.3km, along with other renovations.

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Conversion and Improvements by Neel Jani for GTR2 :

I used several videos and photo from 2012 for improvements made.

– Reviewed buildings and much of the objects
– fixed circuit surrounding
– added night ligthning
– reworked start and pit in / pit out lights
– added missing infrastructure buildings

Maximum number of cars : 42

For the update of the circuit and some of the new 3D objects, one or more textures were created with images of CGTEXTURES.COM. These images can not be redistributed by default, please visit for more informations.

also thanks to :

SimBin for GTR2
Adobe for Photoshop CS5
Dave Noonan for 3DSimED
Google for SketchUp

Contact :

Good entertainment,
Neel Jani



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Version: 1.0
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