Russian Ring 2007 v1.0

Russian Ring 2007 for GTR2

Credits :

GTR2 conversion of the “Russian Ring 2007 v1.00” rFactor Track

– Original Track created for rFactor by More Racing Team
– GTR2 Conversion and editing by gobi
– Beta testing by

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

The Autodrom Moscow is a race track located near Moscow, 13 km from Moscow Circuit Road and 31 km from the city center. The track is constructed in the Miachkovo Airport area which has been in use for motor racing since 2001. After the total reconstruction in 2005, it was the only racing facility in Russia until the Red Ring circuit has been opened in Siberia in 2007. The track design satisfies to FIA Grade III requirements. The raceway equipped with 18 pit boxes, 13×6 m each, race control tower with AMB time keeping system, grandstands for 2000 spectators and a small hotel.

Autodrom Moscow Ring.png

The Autodrom Moscow has unique feature: is allows racing both clockwise and counterclockwise. Main grandstand have 800 seats and, unlike many circuits, almost entire circuit can be seen from it. The full length is 3.275 km (2.035 mi), the winter configuration is 1.640 km (1.019 mi) and the winter oval is 0.86 km (half-mile).

The track is in use not only for sports but also for amateur driving and corporate events, like Porsche Club Russland track days, Mazda Sport Cup, Land Rover and Jaguar race experience, Alfa Romeo test drives, etc.

Virtual Track Features :

– Full featured GTR2 AIW (30 cars)
– Animated Marshals
– Working Start-/PitIn-/Pitoutlight
– Rainreflections
– 4 different Layouts

Installation :

– 1st Extract the zip to your GTR2 folder

Known issues :

– none

Special Thanks to :

More Racing Team for permission to convert this track to GTR2

More Racing Team :

– Dmitry Gavrilenko (Gaus)
– Vladimir Makhnytkin (opiwan)
– Alexandr Khlebnikov (vizzz)



Size: 29 MB
Version: 1.0
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