Shanghai Pudong Street 2010 v2.0

Shanghai Pudong Street 2010 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion and updates by RacerM & Friends

Credits :

Track build from scratch by Neteye for rFactor.
Please see the original Readme included in the track folder.

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

Shanghai Street Circuit is a street circuit in Pudong, Shanghai. On 18 July 2004, the 2.85 km (1.77 mi) track hosted a non-championship race of Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters won by Gary Paffett for Mercedes-AMG.

On 28 January 2010, DTM bosses revealed the final calendar for the 2010 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters season featured a season finale on the street circuit on 31 October 2010 for the first time in six years.

Shanghai wiki.svg

The first race of the DTM was started on 18 July 2004, but did not count to the championship. The track was then 2.85 km long. In the first race, Bernd Mayl├Ąnder’s car tore a manhole cover from the cradle while driving over it, and Mayl├Ąnder’s Mercedes-Benz, halted abruptly by the impact on the manhole cover, stopped in the middle of the track. The race was stopped, and all 72 manhole covers welded. Due to the time delay, only the first race could be restarted, the second race was canceled. Gary Paffett on Mercedes-Benz won the race.

In 2010, the DTM started again in Pudong, this time with a 2.465 km long, new route. Originally a 2011 DTM race was scheduled for Shanghai on the Shanghai Pudong Street Circuit for the 6th of November as a season finale. However, the race was canceled before the start of the season. It was not approved by the Chinese Motorsport Authorities, as the World Touring Car Championship is already hosting an event this weekend at the Guangdong International China Circuit.

The Virtual Circuit :

I downloaded this track in its form that was converted to rFactor. The track had no readme of any kind. I did research and found a similar track on NoGrip and from the look of it, it seems as thought this is the track that was originally created for Race On by Neteye. The readme I included comes form his Race On track. I was not able to contact him so I have converted this track without his permission. Because of this, the track is not for public distribution and is only for the private sites that I have chosen. If in the future I am able to contact him or he contact me about the file then the availability of the track may change.

RacerM :

I converted the track from Rfactor to GTR2. I added some new shadows in areas, I also added new buildings in the skyline that came from SHIFT2 Shanghai. I adjusted the lighting on the track’s gdb and trk. I deleted the collision walls and made the track barriers collision targets to make the track lighter (ton of work). I changed some textures to make them show up better in GTR2. I also changed many of the tree texture so that they will not look so monotonous. Added spectators in many new areas and vehicles. I added crowd sounds and announcer sounds to the track.

BillBro :

Big thanks to BillBro for his dramatic contributions to this project. He corrected major flaws in the AIW that allowed the cars to be more competitive and run the track without crashing into wall. He also fixed the bugs in the pitlane and main straight conflicts that were slowing cars down. He also created the rain reflections for the track and fixed the starting lights and pit lane lights.

Thank you BillBro !


Another great amount of thanks goes to PYCAT who happened to have cams in his vault for this track. I really appreciate his help. No track is complete without a great set of cams. As if that were not enough he then created an additional set of cams for the track. They are included in the xtras folder for you to chose from. Thank you PYCAT.

Die_Locke and Franke BB :

The Lods and track bmp were created by Die_Locke for another Shanghia Pundong track, I copied them for this track. I hope he doesn’t mind, this is why I include him in the credits all the more.


If you have another version of this track in your locations folder track you may want to remove it to avoid conflicts. Just drop it in that directory and it should be fine.


Even though this track was converted without the pending permission of the author you can see that a great deal of work went into this track by a number of people; all of whom deserve a great amount of credit especially the author.

I have included markers (too many for you to find them all) in all my tracks to make sure that someone does not try and claim this conversion as their own. If someone tries and takes this track to another site and say they did this they WILL BE CALLED OUT ON IT. Please don’t put yourself into that position.

Learn how to convert tracks yourself and then you don’t have to fake it. I have converted tracks without permission in the past (If I can’t get with the author) but I have never claimed their work as my own.

If this track is on a website it is because it is a site that has stand up members who can be trusted with this material. please enjoy the track and let the author and the names listed above that they did great work.

thank you.



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Version: 2.0
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