Subaru GT Wide Mod v1.0

Subaru GT Wide Mod for GTR2

Mod created by The stigg

Mod Infos :

Got permission from Zaomarano to modify his GTR2 Subaru (and drop in a DOHC 2.5L Turbo fully forged 592bhp/491ibs/touque engine) and wide bodyshell, wider wheels and tyres to help put the power down and keep this baby on the road.

There is 3xdifferent WHEEL-SETS 3xR-Wings, rims from merlin75 (deep BBS made extra deep my me) and Engine has the same dyno power curv as the subaru i drive in real-life but doubled. Most of the skins are from me The stigg. All rear-wings by me.

Toyo Tyres by me [still W.I.P. ON These] Exspect Update on these.

Engine detuned from rfactor version for GTR2 from 660bhp 497ibs/touque to 592bhp/491ibs/touque to race with skyline R34GT and future japan GT cars.


* AWD Phyics by RMI [from zaomarano gt subaru mod]
* sound made by FOG>DMz
* help from Limster
* deep BBS wheels from merlin75 (made extra deep by me)


skins from AntMAn12 [ESX Motorsports]
skins from zaomarano [Cusco,JunAuto Super Lemon,Prova Racing Division Nur 05]
skins from FOG>DMz [TeamOrange]
skins from zmlee [Blast Off]

thanx to Zaomarano and everyone named above for your help.

this GT SUBARU Mod is fantasy mod but with alot of skins from reallife cars. i had lot fun making this mod.

if you want to use any of this mod in any other mod please ask me first.

USE this GT Wide subaru Mod at your own risk !


put GAMEDATA folder where ever you GTR2 directory folder is example=C:\GTR2\
the GAMEDATA folder in this mod , it will ask do you want to overwrite click
yes…job done.

HOW TO Change wheels and wings :

open file in team folder, find GenString= wheels is 3rd number along GenString=##[1,2,3]# ,r-wings is 4th number along in GenString=###[4,5,6].

Fixes in 1.0 update ,car select in showroom working correctly,mirror’s in cockpit now show cars passing on correct side. toyo tires reworked, finished ! Medium Compound added, car much better in wet now as it should on All-Wheel-Drive car,correct lights now. not wrc lights.

might be thew more bugs, let me know if find any…so enjoy.

To be Continued 🙂


Size: 28 MB
Version: 1.0
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