Thermalito v1.51

Thermalito for GTR2

GTR2 / GTL Conversion by khan1670 and DerDumeklemmer

First off, let’s all thank Woffin & Madcowie for bringing us this great track to rFactor
and allowing Der Dumeklemmer & myself to convert it to GTL/GTR2.

Track Description from rFactor :

Circuit Thermalito is a fictional race track developed from a real life location in Thermalito, California. Based around a hydroelectric dam, the 5.229km main course races around the water’s edge and through two tunnels inside the dam itself with a challenging selection of corners, plenty of overtaking opportunities and a wide variety of elevation changes. Also for lower category cars and events, there are an extra two configurations; the West configuration of the circuit which consists of the slower, more technical sections and the East configuration which makes use of the faster, sweeping sections and also features a brand new start and pit area. The paddock and main grid can support upto a maximum of 36 cars (only 30 cars for the East configuration) with immediate access to the podium and VIP conference centre outside of T1. Facilities also include a complete lighting system for night/endurance racing and main/backup tv cameras.

GTR2 Features :

– Full ,East & West layouts from rFactor version 1.55
– Rain reflections
– Animated marshalls
– Wet paths added for all layouts
– Functioning safety car

Updates :

An AIW update for Thermalito West that should get rid of any cut track warnings.

Special thanks to :

Woffin & Madcowie – awesome track!!
FrankyBB & BlackHawk2LW for GTR2 LOD’s
Fred_as for his great skybox work and textures!
McWolf for helping me figure out an AIW bug!
Derdumeklemmer who deserves a lot of credit for both versions, thanks Uwe!!

Known issues :

This is pretty much a redone conversion. The rfactor version has totally new grass which couldn’t
be totally converted as it doesn’t come out properly in GTR2.

Probably not the best conversion I could do, but it’s been sitting around on my drive for a long time
so I give to you as is for now 🙂


Delete any previous version you may have 1st, including hat files.
Extract directly to your GTR2\gamedata\locations directory.


As of this time this track is restricted to :

Please do not upload it anywhere else. Thank you and enjoy the track!!




Size: 49 MB
Version: 1.51
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3 Thoughts to “Thermalito v1.51”

  1. Gilles104

    Thank you for this very fun to drive track! 🙂

  2. marches

    Top knotch quality! Fantastic job!
    wish to thank Woffin & Madcowie and khan1670 and DerDumeklemmer
    both the East and West layouts are a thrill to drive with the GTR2 Formula Ford mod,
    just set AI strength >= 105 🙂

    1. marches

      oops, i missed a small detail

      there’s a glitch in the LOD map of East layout (and the .tga Thmb as well):

      this layout has two intermediate timing, the first (i spotted and compared with
      my laptime) is placed before the end of the first tunnel – indeed, you can see
      a guy up there…

      it means that i redraw both LOD and Thmb images with the missing chrono
      icon right there as #1 and renamed as #2 (by roman number) the only icon

      Should it be needed please send a reply!!!

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