Tom’s Engine Shop v1.1

Tom’s Engine Shop for GTR2

created by tomdoyle1948

Description :

‘Tom’s Engine Shop’ is a program to make adjustments to the engine characteristics defined by a GTR2 engine file. The changes are made by simple graphical adjustments to the torque curve. The maximum power/torque for the engine may be changed.

New in Version 1.2 :

Export JPEG Graph, increased maximum Adjust % from 10.0 to 100.0, changed program name from ‘Engine Curves’ to ‘Tom’s Engine Shop’.

Want to add more low end torque to an engine or smooth out the midrange power band. A few clicks of the mouse it all that is required. It is also easy to fix the strange bumps and dips found in some engine files.

This program is designed for people who have a faily good understanding of the GTR2 program.

The program requires .Net 2.0 or higher. It is available at no cost from Microsoft.

Copy the .exe file included in the distribution zip file to a location of your choice. If you can not think of a place to put it try the desktop.

If you have a problem send me a PM.

Thanks for all the kind comments and support.



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Version: 1.2
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5 Thoughts to “Tom’s Engine Shop v1.1”

  1. Beco1

    Now I have edited the engine hp in my beloved mod “Group C” and the car has 900 PS now. But at 360 km/h the limiter kicks in. Is there a hint where I can boost that maybe in some values as well so that the car will go 400 km/h then!?

  2. Beco1

    @eSR-Reporter: Running it as Admin did the trick! Dunno why that changed but nevermind! Thx! 🙂

  3. Beco1

    @tomdoyle1948: If you read this: Your tool “Quick Race” is not working anymore! When clicking the .exe it says “Sry a serious but possibly non-fatal error has occured. Click on OK to exit the program.If you are brave click on cancel and try to continue. And in German :
    “Der Obkektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt” – Pls help – it used to work very fine! 🙁

    1. hello Beco,
      do you have a problem with Tom’s Engine Shop or with “Quick Race” ? because i never heard from Quick Race Tool – have you installed Microsoft .NET Framework ? Tom Engine Shops requries MS .net framework 2.0 or higher – maybe the Quick Race Tool needs it also to run. Do you use Windows 10 ? if so, try to run the tool in compatibility mode – for that, right click on the tool (.exe), choose Properties, then select “compatibility” in the Tab, mark “Run the program in compatibility mode for:” and choose Windows 7 – you should also run the tool as admin.

      1. Beco1

        No it’s “Quick Race” which used to work fine. I will try your advises though. I’m on XP. Don’t know it!? Don’t have it!? Now you do. Thx for all you do here for us! GTR2 must never die! 🙂

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