UK Rally v1.0

UK Rally for GTR2


I have not been able to find much info concerning credits for this track. What I have found is this:

1.) Raceking converted from CodeMasters Race Driver 3 to rFactor. No other info available about that. No readme.

2.) MotorGash9000 converted from rFactor to GTR2. Again, no readme, or any other info included.

GTR2 updates (this version) by BillBro

Track Infos :

Raceking has released UK Rallye for rFactor, a tarmac rallye track through the beautiful UK country side. The track comes with lots of eye candy and details, too bad that you won’t have much time to watch the sheep while you try to keep your car on the road.

The GTR2 Version :

Now, on to what I’ve been able to contribute.

Due to popular demand, I’ve removed the rally ramp from the UK Rally track.

There are also now rain reflections, and a start light on a tripod.

There are 2 .txt files included, one named ‘Remove ramp’, the other ‘Add ramp.’

To change from one version to the other, copy the text from whichever version you wish to change to, and paste it over the text at the bottom of the .trk file under the heading ‘Objects changed to remove/replace the rally ramp.’ Save the file, and race away.

The track is currently set with no ramp.

Hope you enjoy the changes.




Size: 32 MB
Version: 1.0
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