Virginia Raceway 2006 v1.2

Virginia Raceway 2006 for GTR2

Circuit build from scratch by Tantra

includes 3 layouts :

Virginia Full Course
Virginia North Course
Virginia South Course

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

Virginia International Raceway (commonly known as “VIR”) is a race track located in Alton, Virginia, near Danville. It is less than a half-mile from the North Carolina/Virginia border just outside Milton, North Carolina on the banks of the Dan River. VIR hosts amateur and professional automobile and motorcycle events, driving schools, club days, and private test rentals.

Virginia International Raceway - Full Course.svg

VIR offers six track configurations, of which two can be run simultaneously. The “Full Course” is 3.27 miles in length while the “Patriot Course” stretches for 1.1 miles entirely inside the Full Course. The “North Course” is 2.25 miles long and the “South Course” covers a distance of 1.65 miles. Both consist of a portion of the “Full Course” and short connecting sections that connect to portions of the “Patriot Course” to produce the two courses that can run simultaneously.

There is a second pit complex that is used only when running the “South Course”. The longest configuration, “Grand East Course”, is 4.2 miles long, and combines most of the “Full Course” and most of the “Patriot Course” by means of two of the short sections of connecting track used to make the “South Course” and “North Course”. There is also another, seldom run, long configuration called the “Grand West Course” that uses the other two short connecting sections between the “Full Course” and the “Patriot Course.” Car and Driver magazine has an annual test of fast cars called “The Lightning Lap” using the “Grand West Course”. Since the Patriot course is contained completely inside the Full Course, they can be run simultaneously.

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updates by sunalp2 :

Version 1.2 :

– fixed pit locations in south layout
– fixed grid locations for 36 car grid in south layout

Last update I hope. Found it wasn’t configured for the required 36 car grid on the south circuit.

Version 1.1 :

– fixed out of sync start lights
– added start lights for Virginia South configuration

I found a braking marker for turn 1 which was a hazard to low flying aircraft, so I brought it down to earth.
Added GTR2 style lods (backups of the originals are included in a rar file in the track folder).

Fixed X sectors :

On Full circuit and North – Widened Xfinish to cover pit lane exit, moved Xpitin to the pit in lights & moved Xsector2 to cover whole track.

On South circuit widened Xsector1to cover whole track.

Fixed Safety car.

Thanks to Betty Swollox for the information on the Xsector issues.

Installation Instructions :

extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar unpacker and drop the
track-folder into your GTR2\GameData\Locations\…directory – done.




Size: 15 MB
Version: 1.2
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