Vila Real 2010 v1.2

Vila Real 2010 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion and revised by BillBro

Credits :

Original track by Mario Marais & xtremerpm for rFactor

There was no readme or text on the hosting site as to further credits.
Just that it is located in the North of Portugal.

Track Infos :

The Circuito Internacional de Vila Real is a 4.6 km (2.858 mi) temporary street circuit in Vila Real, Portugal.

Circuito Internacional de Vila Real.png

It began in 1931 with a route of 7,200 kilometers in macdame, to be asphalted in 1936, with a length of 6,950 kilometers, a version that was maintained until 1983.

The so-called “Corridas de Vila Real”, were for many years the most important tourist poster of Vila Real, being undoubtedly the hallmark of this city in the national and international panorama.

This circuit was born in 1931, taking advantage of the characteristics of some roads that connected the center of Vila Real to the surroundings of the Palace of Mateus, thus establishing a first circuit with 7,150 m, which with some changes and some interruptions, namely during World War II and in the oil crisis of the mid-1970s, remained until 1991.

The 1960s and 1970s marked a golden era with the participation of several world-class pilots such as Stirling Moss, David Pipper, John Miles and others.

Between 2007 and 2010 the circuit was resumed, with a new route, shorter and with improvements in the safety level. After a new interregnum, in 2014 the car competition returned to the Vila Real Circuit.

Todays Major Events : WTCC / WTCR

History / change-log :

Updates v1.20 :

– Garage spots slightly adjusted

AIW is now getting pretty fast. My driving skills in rFactor need work, as do my setups, but the chicane is good now. Problem was the corridor widths.

The pace car positions are now also much improved, and a special slowdown event was added to the pit entry.

BTW – Track shows on track list as ‘Circuito Vial Real.’

Updated in V1.10 :

The .trk file now has the correct search path.

The .gdb now calls for 24 cars max.

Walls and guardrails have the correct material names, and are set to CollTarget=True.
So, no more driving through them!

Added 3 garage spots for each pit spot, so 24 cars can now start. I still need to move some of them to make the spots more easily accessible, but at least there are spots available now.

The track still needs a better fast path, and I will work on that next. I’m still getting used to using the AIWCAM Editor.

V1.00 :

Added rain reflections, fixed start and pit lights, resized some large textures, moved the pace car, ran the aiw through the aiw repair facility, added GTR2 skies.

Have fun. This is only a rough conversion. No updated 3d objects or texture updates. No animated marshals, etc. But at least you can get used to the driving surface configuration until someone does more justice to it.





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Version: 1.2
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