Desert Mile Off-Road v1.0

Desert Mile Off-Road for GTR2

Credits :

Original Version build from scratch by DDawg for rFactor
GTL and GTR2 Conversion by banger

thanks to DDawg for permission to convert this track

GTR2 LOD and Track maps created sunalp2

Track Infos :

Just another Off-Road Desert dirt track that lends itself to a large varity of vehicles and not limited to just Trucks and Buggies.

measuring in at 1608.44 meters just a couple of feet short of 1 mile.

reflects/pits all working.


– ai pitout fixed (sorry starraider, completly forgot about creditting you for this)
– backdrop fixed

thanks to DDawg for permission to convert this track

Legal Notice :

This is the Desertmile Road to be released under permission from DDawg, the content and files included belong to the original authors, no files maybe copyied/altered to other games/simulations. Unless under express permission from the original authors.

banger is only the convertor, do NOT PM/Mail me for authorisation ! Has express above the orginals authors will need to be contacted.

Edward Norton @BANGER@


Size: 8 MB
Version: 1.0
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