Eifel v1.7

Eifel for GTR2

Credits :

Original Track created by Bjorn Klaassen for rFactor
GTR2 Conversion by Lachub
GTR2 AIW & GDB fix by BenMK1

Track Infos :

This is a fictional track in the German Eifel. The location is around an aquaduct and in the surrounding forest. The track is setup to provide some great overtaking opportunities, combined with a couple of technical corners. Tracklength comes in at 9.6 km, laptimes are 3 minutes + even with f1 cars.

Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I did creating this baby.

Cheerz !


When you have installed v1.60, delete the file: Eifel_WithOutMirrorObjects.t_k
When you have installed v1.50, you musst delete this version.
Than copy the new version in the Location folder.

Change-Log :

Version 1.70 :

• ICE train now driving in station and on bridge – You can deactivate in Eifel.trk on end of file.
• Small correction .AIW and .trk file.

v1.62 :

• AIW: fix Teleport and TimeTrial position

v1.61 :

• Correction TV cam resolution
• new Eifel.trk file with better fps
• Dam road FIX (thanks NeelJ for this)

v1.60 :

• Correction 3D mesh terrain & Wall
• Correction GDB & TRK
• Setting matérieaux and BIAS
• New fire starting fires + add input and output Stands
• Add animated Marshal and Hutes
• Cup track (GMT TRACK) 20-part
• Adding refection of rain
• Design in Photoshop CS5 image loading + image THMB & Icon
• Correction of all of the objects, so as to receive the lights of cars
thanks for this work NeelJ !

I have integrated 2 *.trk files:

• Eifel.trk
• Eifel_WithOutMirrorObjects.t_k

When you have small fps, rename Eifel_WithOutMirrorObjects.t_k -> Eifel.trk
In this trk file only minimal mirror objects visible, for more fps on slow PC

• Trains now visible on station and bridge (no animation)


• fixing the AI brake problem after PitIn (thanks to Greybrad)
• Startline 2 delete
• small other corrections

v1.50 :

AIW FIX from rF v1.7 :

• Grid and Pit Position overworked, Race now correct start
• AI Dry Line (wp_path) overwork
• groove integrated
• AI crash with the walls (track and pit) fixed
• More AI speed in any curve
• Race Start: Cars on right track side now faster starting (not perfect)

not fixed :

• not correct TimeTrial starting position
• No Train animation

for more infos see included ReadMe.txt files

Thanks for permission :

Bjorn Klaassen rF Track
Lachub for converting the track to GTR2
thanks for help and overworking the track to NeelJ
thanks to Greybrad for help and fixing the AI brake problem after PitIn

Have fun


Size: 60 MB
Version: 1.7
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