Tobeka v2.2

Tobeka for GTR2

Circuit created by frasie (Franky)

Track Infos :

Tobeka is a fictional, 3,290 Km permanent road course, located somewhere in the USA.

Hi !

This is my last racetrack creation builded with BTB Evo. This track is a fantasy road course situated in the United States. The inspiration of this track is based on other two fictional USA tracks Toban and Mills wich are some of my personal prefered tracks and I wish to build a similar, but different one.

I have tested the track a lot of times and I think its OK and much fun driving it. The AI cars are not bad, i’ve tried to adjust it for all the three Simulators, maybe not the best but I think its…ok.

I whish You good races and much fun with this new track!

History / Change-log :

Version 2.2 – January 2019 :

– added some new textures
– added animations like flags, lights, signs etc…
– new Pitlane way out and reworked waypoints (aiw) for new Pitlane layout!
– reworked GTR2 Lod Screen

this should be the final Version !

Version 2.10 :

– Now added sound in Track like speekers and crowdsound!
– Added forgotten loudspeaker objects!
– Added Rainreflections!
– Removed Zombie from guardrail!

Version 2.00 :

Many thanks to Uwe (der Dumeklemmer) for the great GTL Fix by the grafic settings and
corrections by so many thinks that I don`t know! Great work Uwe ! Thank you very mutch!
Track now looks just fantastic! I have converted his GTL version to GTR2.
Thanks also goes to BenMK1 for Fixing the AI Cars for GTR2! Thanks Ben!
Thanks to FrankyBB from Pilsbierbude for the original GTR2 Lodscreen!

New in Version 2.00 :

– Great correction and Grafical Fix for GTL by der Dumeklemmer
– AIW Updated Fix by BenMK1
– New Lodscreen by FrankyBB
– Fixed the Flagmarshall and animated Crowd orientation

Version 1.00 :

– working Start and Pit lights
– night lights
– animated Marshalls and crowds
– 36 cars on Grid

Installation Instructions :

delete first any pervious versions of this track from your GTR\GameData\Locations folder if exist !

also delete the corresponding “tobeka.hat” file from this directory :

“GTR2\UserData\LOG\HAT\…” or “C:\documents\UserData\LOG\HAT\…”

to install, extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar unpacker and drop the
track-folder into your GTR2\GameData\Locations\…directory – load the game and go to race!


Tobeka fix v1.00 for GTR2 by BenMK1 :

fixes :

– AIW: wp_path overwork (better AI speed)
– AIW: groove higher value und breakpoint corrected
– gdb: new value for AIDry-/AIWetGrip and Qualify-/Race Laptime

AI GT class 100%, speed now ~1:25 (old ~1:34)

Credits :

thanks Franky for this track and for permission to fix it.

Have Fun



Size: 42,4 MB
Version: 2.2
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  1. Beco1

    I still want to ask trackmakers about my idea to weld together the ultimate Monza-60’s track. How can I contact other members!? esR -Reporter why don’t you pls help!? My request could be piece of cake for a professional!?

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