Fiat Abarth 131 GT Turbo Rally 1976 v1.2

Fiat Abarth 131 GT Turbo Rally 1976 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by scca1981

Add-on car for the GTL-GTR2 Mod by scca1981

Class : GTC-TC-76

Mod Infos :

After a lot of requests for the car to be faster than its real life counterpart I have to agree. The cars look just screams faster. So after doing some research I found a lot of ideas for engine swaps from multiple sources. Everything from Honda S2000 engine/gearbox’s to full V8’s have been swapped into this car. I wanted something competitive to run against the GTL Escorts. So what i’ve come up with (keeping the car Italian) is a swap of a 1987 Alfa Romeo Turbo drivetrain into the car. With minimal weight adjustments and a new set of tires we’ve come up with a very competitive car. Realistic ? Maybe and maybe not. Fun? Yes.

I present, the Fiat Abarth 131 GT Turbo. Fictional yes, but competely within real life possibilites.

Graphically i’ve decided to keep the car the same as the TC-65 Version.

The TC-65 version of the car will remain available for now for people who want close to real life version of the car.

Paint templates included and feature a new numberplate and “GT Turbo” logo on the back of the car.

udpate v1.2 :

* Updated Shadow model
* Improved FPS


GTL-GTR2 Mod by scca1981 is required for installation.

Drop the Gamedata folder into your Main GTR2 Directory (X:\GTR2) and allow overwrite.


Codemasters – Model
Simbin – Alfa Engine, Gearbox and Sounds
splintert92 – Original GTL Conversion
NaCK – Mirror Mapping

As with any game modification – Use at own risk.


Size: 30,3 MB
Version: 1.2
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