Gippsland Park v0.9

Gippsland Park for GTR2

Track created by legendsatlunch

Track Infos :

Hi All!

Welcome to my rendition of the historic Gippsland Park Hillclimb. The track was built in the 60’s and changed a couple of times over the years into what was used for the last 40 years ! The Club is proud to be one of the few motoring organisations that can boast its own clubrooms and its own track. Most hillclimbs are held on closed public roads, and are only available for a few days each year. Gippsland Park was used on approximately 30 weekends each year, making it one of the most used hillclimb tracks in Australia.

Please see :
for more details and a great read…… Maybe join the club!

Many thanks to John Bryant and the South Gippsland Car Club for their permission to reproduce this circuit.

I have used video and photos along wih ge to try to get as close as possible to the real thing. Unfortunatley ge’s mapping is very low res, height data is a bit wrong too. There are lots of videos on Youtube of this great track.


I really just wanted to get a feel for what people thought…….I have created the 2 courses that were run here prior to closure.

The full and Long reverse : The ai will work for the full course but there are major issues with the short reverse as the ai path uses the same road out and back…….

For the full course : exit pit through the scrutineering tent turn right, do an outlap (to warm up tyres) return to the start line, and do a lap.

For the Long reverse : exit pits next to tent turn left onto track (start lights set up).

run up the hill then around the loop anti clockwise exit loop throught the cross over rd and back to start line….

watch some yotube videos of the course to work it out….. lol
porsche club day video with both circuits is a great video to watch…..


This is a small single car track there will not be 30+ ai……… 🙂

Credits :

Also thanks to Piddy for BTB

Many thanks to the following people for the excellent work in creating the models and textures for the xpacks :

Golly : EWE textures
Duff Buckets : Race Objects
Wierdbeard : Hayward Club
delu77 : roadside objects
Raceking : Savannah Grasslands
jay_p_666/rbr : Great Britain
woodn : dirt track Equipment
woodn : Race car trailers
woodn : Track tyres
Mr Men Mod Team
Der Dumeklemmer : textures
Bud Lucas, Lkwfan, Kendo.

And any one else I may have missed ! Thankyou.

Also to ISI/SimBin for some of theirs……

Cheers and enjoy the track!
Paul….. Legendsatlunch


Size: 23 MB
Version: 0.9 beta
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