GP-200 International v1.2

GP-200 International for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by khan1670

First off, I’d like to thank Madcowie for bringing us this great track to rFactor and allowing myself to convert it to GTL/GTR2/Evo.

The original track does not come with a readme so I ask to check out the track page here for more info on the track.


– Full layouts from original rFactor version v1.0
– Rain reflections
– Animated marshalls
– Functioning safety car

Changes in v1.2 :

– Adjusted track lighting
– Adjusted track shadows
– Adjusted object lods
– Broke up some objects into smaller objects each with own lod
– Some material adjustments

Changes in v1.1 :

– Added wet path (still some cars do not like the wet) 🙂
– Functioning startlights and pitexit lights


Delete any previous version you may have 1st, including hat files.
Extract directly to your GTR2\gamedata\locations directory.

Special thanks to:

Madcowie, creator of the original rFactor track. Fantastic job!
Motorfx for his guidance on wet paths

Thanks to all those who’ve helped me learn so much in the community.

Known issues:

Some cars still do not like the wet track (See Longtails)
Not an issue, but you can accelerate out of the pits after the small sign
about the Speed limiter, you do not have to wait until the pit exit light.


As of this time this track may only be hosted on :

Please do not upload it anywhere else.

Due to the nature of this track it may not be modified in any way !

Thank you and enjoy the track !



Size: 22 MB
Version: 1.2
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