GTR2 Tools Bundle Vol.1 v1.0

GTR2 Tools Bundle Vol.1

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Description :

This bundle contains various useful tools for GTR2, which have accumulated on my hard drive over the years.

Since it’s too much work to post them online individually, I’ve just put them all in one package.

The tools come mainly from the no longer existing nogrip forum and from other websites, e.g. gtr4u, RSC, racedepartment etc…

Most tools are tried and tested and should work, however some are older and may require the Microsoft .Net framework to work.

Please read the included instructions / ReadMe files.

In any case, it is advisable to create a backup of the original files or the complete GTR2 before running some tools, if something shouldn’t work after running it or you just don’t like it.

How to backup GTR2 :

the easiest and best way is to backup a clean GTR2 installation (without mods and addon tracks)
with all patches and base configuration.

Note :

this methods only works with the GTR2 DVD / Image version. If you bought and run the game via Steam, it will probably not be possible to start the game outside of the Steam directory.

In addition, the steam version does NOT require the v1.1 patch and, logically, no NoCD patch either!

However, a backup and reinsertion of the GTR2 folder in the Steam directory should still work. Just try it.

and this is how it is done for the GTR2 DVD Version :

1. Install GTR2 from CD or Image
2. install patch v1.1.0.0 (included in this bundle)
3. replace the original GTR2.exe with the NoCD exe (included in this bundle)
4. patch the NoCD exe with the 4GB patch (included in this bundle)
5. configure your graphics settings via GTR2Config.exe
6. start GTR2 and create your driver profile
7. Configure your controller and preferred settings
8. start GTR2 and test if everything works

if everything runs fine, you can now make a copy of GTR2 by simply copying the “GTR2” folder and pasting it to another drive – preferably to a drive / partition outside of the Windows installation (usually C:) – I generally recommend not installing GTR2 on the same partition as Windows – if Windows needs to be reinstalled, your GTR2 will be gone too.

Note : You can zip the GTR2 folder before copying – this saves space and copying to another drive will be faster.

Basically, GTR2 can be started from any drive or directory without reinstallation.

The only difference in copy-paste method compared to a fresh DVD or steam installation is that some files will not be saved in the GTR2 directory, but are saved in Windows “C:-Users-your pc name-Documents-GTR2” (such as replays, .hat and log files). The directory will be automatically created in the documents folder after the first start of GTR2.

It is also possible to install several GTR2 installations in parallel – you just have to make sure that you start the corresponding GTR2.exe – it is best to rename the main folder (GTR2) accordingly, such as GTR2_original, GTR2_Test etc. Then create from the respective exe files from the renamed folder a desktop shortcut.

Incidentally, this also works with the integrated dedicated server, which allows multiple hosting, i.e. you can host several servers at the same time. But you should also create a separate directory / installation for each server (e.g. GTR2_Server_1, GTR2_Server_2, etc.),if you plan to host mods and addon tracks. If you only want to host default cars / tracks, then it is not necessary to create several GTR2 folders. The GTR2Dedicated.exe can be started multiple times from one directory.

the following tools are included:

Advanced Menus, Force Feedback and Gear Ratios (different versions by different authors)
AIW Repair Utility v1.0 by petrs73 and dhaman
AUDChecker v1.03
Auto Sim Analyzer v1.69 by Alex Zhdankin
Autosim Weather Generator v1.0 by Alex Zhdankin
Changing weather patch v1.2 by jtsn
Crew Chief v4.0 by The Iron Wolf – very interesting and extensive project, pls visit his forum for more infos
CSGTR2 Utility v2.3 by BBraskey
Default GTR2 Reborn Project v1.0 by Berry
Defviews Cams reworked by K4rBon
Defviews Dynamic Cams by ZA-7
Easy ISI Cockpit Cam Fix v1.0 by Velo
Erratic Wheel Fix (manual how to fix steering wheel)
ENB-HDR PlugIn Settings by rainmaker87
Carrer Stat v6.60 by Francesko, reworked by BenMK1
GiM Tool v0.08 by alfetta
GTR2 Car Selector v1.03 by Vince Klortho
GTR2 Championship Manager v1.61 by JJM
GTR2 Driver Talent and Car Manager v1.4 by BenMK1
GTR2 Gear Menu Mod v1.1 by morning_wood
GTR2 Manager v1.0 by Timon van Rooijen
GTR2 Map Plugin with XD-Tool by fazerbox
GTR2 Multi Edit Tool v2.4 by gogo404
GTR2 rF2 Headphysics v1.0 by aassddffgg
GTR2 Pachtes (4GB, NoCD, Online and official 1.1 for EU and US Versions)
GTR2 Rennmanager v0.99 beta
GTR2 Skip Intro
GTR2 Unlock All Cups File v1_0 by NwAI352
GTR2 Unlock All Tracks File v1_0 by SFDMALEX
GTR2 Unlocks all v1_0 by SDNDTG
New Advanced Weather by Marco “Mattari” Giuttari
New Sun Positions
PLR File Editor v1.10.4 by Skridge
Reset Lap Times by Claudio Vieira
Setup Guides (GTR Engineers Handbook and some more from various authors, in english and german)
SHO Competition AI V13 by Shovas
SHO XD Style SimHub Overlays v17 by Shovas
Toms Driver Shop v1.0 by tomdoyle1948
Toms Quick Race v1.1 by tomdoyle1948
Toms Talent Scout v1.21 by tomdoyle1948
Weather Generator v2.3 by Ivan Witteveen
XD-Tool v2.1.16 by Yako

I will be releasing a few more bundles in separate packages, one with texture updates / animations and another with modding tools and tutorials – as well as the awesome GTR2 16th Anniversary Patch by GTR233.

good entertainment / happy testing


Size: 240 MB
Version: 1.0
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