Issoire 2011 v1.2

Issoire 2011 for GTR2

Circuit d’ Issoire
Track created by barcika, 2011

Track Infos :

The circuit of Issoire is located in the department of Puy-de-Dome, near Clermont-Ferrand, France, near the airport, along the highway.

Track is very nice and cozy, all technical work (chicane, braking, slow and fast combos …), a straight line at high speed (260 km/h), very good finish. Excellent security. Suitable for all levels and is recommended for beginners.

Garages = 10
Cars = 20
Startgrid = 20
Length = 1.137 mil/1.830 km

updates by FrankyBB :

Version 1.2 :

– increased start grid and pits to 30 cars

Version 1.1

Thank you barcika for this great looking French club track !
It looks very good, but it had a few minor issues…

– Fixed startlights
– fixed gdb file (20 cars max)
– Added Rain Reflections
– added real shadows to cones, bridge and pitbuilding
– put the curbs in HAT (otherwise they have NO effect at all)
– fixed trackside objects: were all shadow receivers and collision targets.. bad for FPS


As often with BTB, the curbs are made in the wrong direction… maybe barcika can fit it?

Have fun!

Thanks to :

Great Britain xPack by jay p 666

Installation Instructions :

extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar unpacker and drop the
track-folder into your GTR2\GameData\Locations\…directory – done.



Size: 8 MB
Version: 1.2
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