Karjala Raceway 2005 v1.0

Karjala Raceway 2005 for GTR2

Converted from NASCAR Racing 2003 to GTR2 by DEHawk

Circuit Infos from TM Pedia :

Karjala Raceway is a 3.28-mile (5.279-km), 13-turn road course in Finland. Every May, it hosts the annual Karjala Grand Prix, considered the biggest and one of the most historic races in the TM Master Cup Series. It’s known for its exciting racing, as well as its wide variation of straightaway and corner lengths, easily making it one of the hardest tracks for a stock-car driver to master. In the past, it also held races for the GRL, the TM Junior Series (now TM Lights), the Vaughn Stock Car Championship,the ARLA Elite Series, and Dash Cup.

Karjala Raceway

The track record is currently held by two-time Master Cup champion Alexis Rainsford, who set the aforementioned time in qualifying for the 2012 Karjala Grand Prix.

Kekkonen won the 2009 Karjala Grand Prix in just his rookie season. Only three other drivers have won the race in their rookie season. Mathias Taube in 2010, Leonid Roderick in 1998 and Yuliya Nosova in 2007. Danny Savin is the only driver to have won the race back-to-back.

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GTR2 Description :

This is a Beta version !

This is a fictional track originally made for N2003, created by Krister Bertilsson and The Hillcrest Racing Team. If you you have downloaded my other two tracks then you will know the problems that exist.

1. Pit exit problem
2. No Night version
3. No Starting Lights
4. Needs graphic update
5. Camera not the greatest
6. Other Unforeseen issues

Please feel free to correct any of the above issues and make any improvements, all I ask is to be informed.

This track is a great drive, has fast sections with esses, and hard braking corners, great to out brake and opponent. Basically a perfect track. That is why is was a test track has all the elements that a driver might encounter.

Thanks to:

Krister Bertilsson for giving me the permission to convert and release this great track
The Hillcrest Racing Team
Dave Noonan
Everyone here at NoGrip and at GTR2 community

update by SiGi for eSport-Racing.de :

– created new Loading and Thumb Screen (default was from Zuhai)
– zipped objetcs and textures to .gtr files


Size: 15,3 MB
Version: 1.0
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