Kranebitten Airport v1.1

Kranebitten Airport for GTR2

Kranebitten, Innsbruck Airport, Austria

Track build from scratch for Race07 by Neteye
GTL-Version by R8 Gordini courtesy of Neteye


Neteye for the scratch build
ummagumma for the CAM file
The Rock64 for the LOD template

Track Infos :

Between 1958 and 1977 international airfieldraces took place on the Innsbruck Airport. Called “Preis von Tirol” amongst others, they were driven on a 1,7 km long track, and after alteration of the airport since 1962 on a 2,8 km track. Because of noise exposure and the near university hospital, after 1977 no more races were held. My humble opinion: noise exposure from car racing on an airport 😛

A considerable collection of pictures, programs and results of the races was composed by the Technisches Museum Wien, which can be found here. Today, a link between the runway an the apron of the glider airfield is missing, so the old layouts cant be driven any more, so a new layout would be needed. My 3,6km long track adopts the style of german airportraces from the mid-90s, with the typical chicanes with high curbs on the runway, more tracksection on the surrounding taxiway an the apron.

As i only race online and i only made the AI with BTB, i presume that the AI just sucks. And i just don’t care, so… feel free to create a better one 😉

Virtual Track Features:

– Working Pit-/Startlights
– Night Lights
– Animated marshals
– Full featured GTL AIW from scratch for 36 cars

Special THX:

Dumeklemmer & GTI-Heizer for their helpful support
Greybrad for AIW troubleshooting
Dave Noonan for 3dsimed

Known Issues:

– none til now, please report at our forum on

Thanks go to:

FrankyBB for the nice LOD.
Hannibal Smith II, Hardy, Twoface, 29manzglade, Xenon for their testdriving feedback.
BTB, Simbin, 3DSimed, etc. for their programs.
all the other busy people creating XPacks for BTB.

Special thanks got o Gerd Winterfeld for nearly all buildings, terminal, hangars… thanks a lot!

Terms of Use :

Conversion only after permission from Neteye at or
Please ask for hosting to download from other sites than the or too!


Size: 62 MB
Version: 1.1
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