La Morra GP v1.1

La Morra GP for GTR2

Credits :

Original Track created by Relesys for rFactor
GTR2 Conversion, modification and graphic improvements by Neel Jani

Thank Relesys who kindly gave me permission to convert his circuit to SimBin platforms

Track Infos from rFactor :

I created this circuit, utilizing a test track in Italy. The circuit is characterized by several ups and downs with many different levels all over the track and in two long straights which cut the vegetation of the place.

Features :

Location : Italy (fictional)
Length : 9,129 km / 5.672 Miles
Track Type : Permanent Road Course
Length : 9,129 m
Width : 10 m
starting grid : 50 cars
Boxes : up to 50 cars
Pit Stop : max. 25 cars
Right turns : 14
Left turns : 11
Longest straight : 2,800 m
Direction of travel time

Conversion and update infos :

– added some trees
– corrected material names and bias values in 3D parts (.gmt)
– reworked some objects and textures
– added night lightning
– added rain reflections
– added animated marshalls
– and added some other objects

Maximum numbers of cars : 50

update v1.1 :

– optimized textures

For the update of the circuit and some of the new objects (3D) one or more textures were created with images of CGTEXTURES.COM. These images can not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information.

Thanks to Ladose for testing.
Thank you TheSky which has reviewed the AIW for SimBin versions.

also thanks to :

SimBin for GTR2
Photoshop CS5
SimGarage 3DSIMED

Contact :

Good entertainment,
Neel Jani


Size: 86 MB
Version: 1.1
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