Mantorp Park v2.01

Mantorp Park for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by FuFFZich & SRF with friendly permission from Alex73

release date : 24th of March, 2007

Track Infos from Wiki :

Mantorp Park is a motor racing circuit near the town of Mantorp in Mjölby Municipality, Sweden. The circuit was built in 1969 with finance from BP Sweden as a permanent road course and a drag strip. Mantorp Park is capable of four different layouts, but today only the short (1.950 km/1.212 mile) and long (3.125 km/1.942 mile) tracks are used.

The European Formula Two Championship visited from 1971 until 1973, and again in 1981 and 1982. Today it mainly hosts club events, dragracing, a driving school and rounds of the Swedish Formula Three Championship and the Swedish Touring Car Championship.

Mantorp Park was the first European drag racing circuit to adopt the new 301.75 m drag strip (about 3/16 mile, or 1,000 feet) format adopted by the NHRA in July 2008.

Virtual Track Infos :

We converted and reworked the track from GTR1 and GTL/GTR2_1.0/GTR2_1.1 versions by Alex73 to GTR2_2.0. Basicly we used pictures and a Motobike video from Mantorp Park to finished this track. Only the Marshallstandings are fictional !

– with rainreflections
– some track vehicles: Ambulance, Camera-cranes
– corner indicators for beginners
– flagmarshalls
– full working pacecar
– new LOD
– announcer sounds

V2.01 – update by Team PBB :

– fixed startgrid to 28 cars

– none, (so far?)

GTR2 Track History :

Mantorp Park (No.1 Circuit)1.0
Mantorp Park (No.2 Circuit)1.1

Converted and fully re-worked by Alex73 (Alex Demko) from the HGTRR (Hungarian GTR Racers).
I converted this track from my own rFactor conversion

Whats’ new:

– fully multitexturized track
– dynamic lights and shadows
– nightlights
– new start and pit lights
– new textures and objects
– I added two new animated flagmarshall for the start-finish straight


this interpretation of Mantorp is not 100% accurate. I decided to anspire to good lookig track layout of Mantorp and not to the accuracy. I had no time unfortunately to make from nothing the track and I took for a good idea to rebuild it with some “fantasy objects”. I hope that you take a liking to it and will make good races on it.

Credits and special thanks:

-Simracer (Andrew Galbally) for his GTR conversion
-Dave Noonan for all his tools
-Codemasters for the original track


please respect me and my work (many-many hours and weeks to “strike” some more poly from the old TOCA track) and not modified any file in the 3D model and in the important files (SCN, AIW), because of the online mismatches. If you want to make/ask any updates, please write me an email. Thank you.

Known issues:

if you run the track not with full or high shadows, animated flagmarshalls are not texturized by the game. Under rFactor this isn’t problem at all.


This track has many high quality textures, a lot of bump maps and specular maps. It needs a very high end PC to run well. If you have fps problems, you need to set the shadows from full to medium, or low. Otherwise, I attached an alternative TRK file to the track with less lightning. If you use it, please think that, others use maybe the original trk file in the online game and maybe, just maybe this cause some mismatch error.

If you want put any questions, write on our league website (
or contact to me in email:

Have fun and enjoy!

Alex Demko

GTR ReadMe :

This track was originally converted from Toca Race Driver by Tommy Rustad for F1C.
Then this track was converted to GTR by SIMRACER.

Credits :

Codemasters for the original track.
Tommy Rustad for the original release of the track.
Simracer for GTR version.
Simbin for GTR, GTL and GTR2.
Dave Noonan for 3DSimEd.
Anyone else who previously worked on this track.



Size: 12 MB
Version: 2.01
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