Maritiem Vliegkamp De Kooy v1.1

Maritiem Vliegkamp De Kooy for GTR2

Track created by Nezeiges

Track-Infos :

Marine Vliegkamp DE KOOY is a Navy/Comercial airbase in Den Helder (the Netherlands). Part of the track goes over the Naval base, part over surrounding roads and part over the commercial base. The base is normaly used for helicopters, the NH90 is the naval helicopter used and the commercial part of the base is used by some companies that transport people to nearby oil and gas rigs.

This is the third version I build and its not a great version but it works for me. There was one problem during building. When I added pitin and pitout lights the game crashed during loading of the track. Logfile indicated there was a global material missing.

I removed the pitin and out lights and I made some attempts to install them in another way but nothing worked. So in the end there are no pitin and pitout lights.

If someone has a solution for this problem I would be very happy to be informed on how to solve the problem. Or maybe someone is kind enough to solve the problem for me, feel free to do so and add another readme wich lists your name as solver of the problem.

Al buildings on the airfield are made by myself using Sketchup 6.

For now drive very slowly to the pitout and you wil not get penalised.

Thanks to :

Simbin for creating GTR2
Bobs Track builder and all the guys that made the Xpacks
The Gimp

Everybody I forgot to mention and who should be listed here

Nezeiges (2016)


Size: 88 MB
Version: 1.1
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