Nordschleife 24h Raceking v0.9

Nordschleife 24h Raceking for GTR2

Credits :

Original Track created by Raceking & Gringosan for rFactor
GTR2 Conversion by FBI

Track Infos from Wiki :

The N├╝rburgring is a 150,000 person capacity motorsports complex located in the town of N├╝rburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It features a Grand Prix race track built in 1984, and a much longer Nordschleife “North loop” track which was built in the 1920s around the village and medieval castle of N├╝rburg in the Eifel mountains. The north loop is 20.8┬ákm (12.9┬ámi) long and has more than 300 metres (1,000 feet) of elevation change from its lowest to highest points. Jackie Stewart nicknamed the old track “The Green Hell”.

Circuit N├╝rburgring-2013.svg

Originally, the track featured four configurations: the 28.265┬ákm (17.563┬ámi)-long Gesamtstrecke (“Whole Course”), which in turn consisted of the 22.810┬ákm (14.173┬ámi) Nordschleife (“North Loop”), and the 7.747┬ákm (4.814┬ámi) S├╝dschleife (“South Loop”). There also was a 2.281┬ákm (1.417┬ámi) warm-up loop called Zielschleife (“Finish Loop”) or Betonschleife (“Concrete Loop”), around the pit area.

Between 1982 and 1983 the start/finish area was demolished to create a new GP-Strecke, and this is used for all major and international racing events. However, the shortened Nordschleife is still in use for racing, testing and public access.

more infos

this version includes all available updates / fixes :

* Basic Track
* AIW / TRK fix + more frames patch by DucFreak
* shortcut by Mojo66

note : this is another, very good version of the legendary 24h Nordschleife in Germany – not worser than that one from DutchDevil – the asphalt textures/colors looks a little more “older/used” like some other textures so i would say it looks overall more realistic/natural – great work !

Shortcut update by Mojo66 :

Timing fix, to avoid driving a full lap before clock starts.

This is how it works : Exit the garage, drive around the GP circuit, but after the last chicane, instead of turning left to the actual Nordschleife, follow the GP circuit back to the start/finish lane, where the clock should start running.

faster framerates and AIW fix by DucFreak :

If you wish a lower resolution track-textures pack for even faster framerates, copy/paste the “OLDNUERBURGMAPS.GTR” file from inside the folder “LOWER RES VERSION” (included in this package) to the “…\GTR2\GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS\OLDNUERBURG” folder and overwrite files when prompted.

Notes & Descriptions :

I think that Raceking’s version is perhaps the best Nordschleife for GTR2 yet as far as “looks” go (…track layout is another story…), the biggest problem was the framerates, which were unconstant and terribly low in the modern GP circuit part, especially in the pits area or start/finish area.

…I know that many of you suffer from the same problem with this track, I thought it’s about time something like this is done and shared, so here goes…

What I did in this .TRK file was to leave out a couple of the 3D models of buldings right at the end of the track (just before pit area) and disable the shadows (I don’t think you’ll miss them compared to the original file).

…just try it and this time enjoy the driving with no worries about framerates (hopefully!)…

PS: Please note that this track will still take a lot of time to load (be patient), also AI strenght is still very weak, so nothing fixed in these parts, just better framerates.

PS2: All credits go for Raceking & Gringosan (for the original RFactor track) and FBI for the GTR2 conversion.
….thank you for this wonderfull track! *THUMBS UP*



AIW update by Greybrad :

– Taken grid & pit down to 36 cars (1 car per track garage space, 3 cars per pit)
– Working pits (ai cars should pit ok)
– Fixed ai slow down over start/finish
– Removed most of the rFactor ai that GTR2 doesn’t require. (only left multipath for the formation lap)

There are still a number of small issues with the ai racing line.



Installation :

just put the folder “OldNuerburg” folder into your GTR2\Locations directory

if you get problems with frames use the file from the included folder “LOWER RES VERSION” and overwrite it in the trackfolder.


Size: 120 MB
Version: 0.9
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