Serres v1.5

Serres for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion and revised by ZWISS


Track made by Peter Kuhn for RACE07
GTR2 style LODS & trackmap by FrankyBB
Update 1.5 based on derDumeklemmer’s work

Track Infos :

Serres Racing Circuit is one of the leading Motorsport facilities in Greece. It’s a venue which has a an asphalt race track as well as a Motocross track, both of which are used throughout the season. Facilities at the track are good, with 18 large pit building garages on the ground floor, and a media centre, vip rooms, TV rooms, restaurants and viewing areas on the second floor.

Serres Circuit

The asphalt track is 3.186KM long, combining a range of different types of corners of which there are 15 in total. The surface is consistent throughout, with the last resurfacing taking place around the whole track. It’s graded as an FIA Grade 3, meaning they can host events up to Formula 3, it’s the only track in Greece which has that level of certification.

The virtual track :

This track was created from scratch by Peter Kuhn for Race 07.
Lots of respect for the amount of time he put into creating this track.
The buildings and scenery are not very accurtae, Peter used his fantasy here and there.

GTR2 version :

– conversion from Race 07 to GTR2
– tuned materials and maps, added multi mapping
– animated marchalls
– new rain reflection
– deleted a few fantasy objects
– tires in chicanes won’t kill you anymore 🙂

Update Version 1.5 :

derDumeklemmer did a GTL version based on my work, and he did some nice improvements,
which I implemented to the GTR2 version. Thanks to him for his work.
I decided however to keep the 2013 blue walls and curbs, and to keep the tires semi-destructive 🙂
I also cleaned up the google map in Photoshop, to make the grass fit the track better.


Size: 25 MB
Version: 1.5
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