Shannonville Motorsport Park v1.2

Shannonville Motorsport Park for GTR2

Track created by jgmonty

Release Date : Mar/15/2010

Special thanks to:

– F4Racer for providing me with his permission in allowing the original conversion of his SCGT track. On behalf of everyone in the Sim Community, thanks mate…

– Also thanks to Donnie Yourth, whom I understand provided F4Racer with video footage to work from for the SCGT project after recieving permission from Shannonville Motorsport Park for the project (and who also kindly allowed track access to Donnie for this purpose).

– To the Owners and Management of Shannonville Motorsport Park for their many years of providing this Motorsport venue for all us self confessed Motorheads.

– To the SAAB Club of Canada for the ‘SMP-Track Notes’ that is included for reference along with this SMP project release.

– To CASC for their governance of racing in Canada

– To the Sim community in general and all original work that came before me.

– Lastly, but not least, to Simbin for their continued efforts in Sim Racing

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

Shannonville Motorsport Park is a motorsport road course circuit in Canada. It is located 15 km east of Belleville, Ontario, roughly midway between Toronto and Montreal, Quebec, near Highway 401 and along the former Provincial Highway 2.

Shannonville Motorsport Park

It has many configurations, and its tight layout with lots of run-off space makes it a very good venue for race testing. Many race teams from Toronto and Montreal test at Shannonville in preparation for events held on street circuits, as the Shannonville raceway shares a lot of the same characteristics.

The raceway first started off as a dirt oval, with bedrock for a front straight. Much later, the 1.8 km “Nelson” circuit was built, named after the late John Nelson, owner of the circuit at the time. From there, the 2.23 km “Fabi” circuit was built north of the Nelson, and the two were linked to form the 4.03 km, 14-corner “Long Track”. The Fabi circuit was named after Bertrand Fabi, a young Canadian driver who died while testing a Formula 3 car in England. The Fabi circuit has a long backstraight that now doubles as a drag strip. A link was then made after the first corner on the Nelson circuit to the seventh corner of the Long Circuit, creating the 2.47 km “Pro Circuit” layout.

Currently, the Canadian Touring Car Championship makes an annual visit to the facility, as well as auto-racing body CASC (Regional Road Races). Drag racing is also heavily featured there.

Update Version 1.1 :

– Conversion from my rfactor v1.1 project with applicable updates
– New Horizons
– Numerous new and/or updated “Eye Candy” re: Terrain, Buildings, Garages, Pits, Trackside objects etc. while retaining consideration for FPS
– Added working Startlight to Nelson/Long Circuits in addition to exisiting Startflag Marshal as per real track
– Additional Night Lighting added
– Two bumps added to Pro Circuit (Dip/hollow at apex from Nelson section to Pro section and dip/berm where Pro section meets Fabi Section) as per available Track Notes and comments of CASC memebers (
– Reworked AI and Terrain files
– Reworked Cameras
– Rain meshes
– Animated Marshals and Spectators
– All 4 circuits now have 18 Pit spots, 54 Garage spots, and a 102 Car Grids

While as per the live track, there is no on-track lighting available, I have done what I can to make night driving not only plausible but I hope enjoyable (providing your livery has headlights). If you require any special requirements for your online services, I can usually be PM’d at, No-Grip Racing, rFactor Central.

Disclaimer :

While I take no issue with individual project objects or textures being reused elswhere within the Sim community for non-profit use, I do request that permission is obtained prior to making any changes or conversions to/of this SHANNONVILLE MOTORSPORT PARK project. Further, that this readme remains included with any and all distributions of the project.

This project is in no way officially affiliated with Simbin, Shannonville Motorsport Park or any other Corporate Identities and is solely offered for the enjoyment of the Sim community…



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Version: 1.2
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  2. shuhn888

    Can someone update this track with a fix for cars getting stuck in the grass. It calls a full course yellow that last the rest of the race. Thanks you.

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