Shibuya Street v1.0

Shibuya Street for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion and revised by Bruno-F1

based on Senormen’s rFactor version.
Only the “normal” track – didn’t like the other variants, especially the silly “Drift” circuit.

Track Infos :

The Shibuya Street Circuit is a fictional, 1.158 mi (1.864 km) long temporary street circuit, located in Tokyo, Japan. The track was originally build by Codemasters for Race Driver Grid.

Features :

* Safety Car and startlights working, added flagmarshals, people on grandstands, some additional spectators, some new textures.

* Removed most of the crash cushions for a wider track, also removed some of the childish arrows, moved some track objects around for better visibility.

* Deleted invisible track objects. Etc., etc.


Copy the complete Shibuya folder into your
..\GTR2\Gamedata\Locations folder

Have fun !


Size: 69 MB
Version: 1.0
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