Ford Escort FVA 1968 v1.0

Ford Escort FVA 1968 for GTR2

Mod created by sunalp2

Add-on car for the GTL-GTR2 Mod by scca1981

Car History :

Back in 1968, the BSCC & ETCC ran to Gp5 spec allowing the newly released Ford Escort liberal use of Ford’s spare parts bin (& still badge it as a “twincam”). The FVA Cosworth engine was used primarily for Formula 2 cars, but was adapted to some saloon cars, lightweight panels & modified suspension (out with those leaf springs) were also homologated to run.

The FVA was notable for being part of the same Ford contract that gave rise to the DFV; he engine that would power most of the F1 field of the 70’s. The cylinder head on the FVA pioneered many of Duckworth’s ideas that would be used on the V8 engine. In the spirit of those heady days, I present you these 3 FVA Escorts as run in the 1968 ADAC Grosser Preis der Tourenwagen – Nurburgring 500 km race; depicting Gardner’s 1968 BSCC title winning car along with 2 additional FVA’s run by Hubert Hahne & Gerhard Mitter.

Some Specs:

225 bhp @ 9000 rpm – 139ft/lbs @ 8000 rpm FVA

760kg weight

Mod Infos :

Original mod for GTL by finracing, thanks to finracing for giving me permission to bring it to the GTL-GTR2 mod.

Includes 6 cars, 2 original skins by [SSR]Hoskins, 3 more by trotter2k and one from me:

#1 Driver: Vince Woodman. Team: Esso Uniflo. RHD (trotter2k)
#2 Driver: Gerhard Mitter. Team: Fo.Mo.Co Germany. LHD ([SSR]Hoskins)
#3 Driver: Hubert Hahne. Team: Fo.Mo.Co Germany. LHD ([SSR]Hoskins)
#9 Driver: Roger Clark. Team: Kent Messenger. RHD (trotter2k)
#16 Driver: Frank Gardner. Team: Alan Mann Racing. RHD. (sunalp2)
#150 Driver: Dave Brodie. Team: Run Baby Run. RHD (trotter2k)

Updates to the mod:

– 6 Wheel styles
– 6 chassis styles: the original 3 GTL LHD chassis and those 3 chassis converted to RHD
– The mask file system as pioneered by the GTL Workshop for P&G.
– Wet weather tyres.

Also included in the FVA folder for skinners :

– A genstring text
– A generic mask file for any third party add on cars

Install :

Extract to your main GTR2 folder.

The cars will show in the GTC-65 class.



Size: 26 MB
Version: 1.0
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