Haute-Saintonge v1.0

Haute-Saintonge for GTR2

Circuit de Haute-Saintonge

GTR2 Conversion & updates by Zwiss

Track Infos :

Circuit de Haute Saintonge is a small race track, situated in deep rural France, not too far from Bordeaux. It’s a track which opened in June 2009, with the aim of bringing Motorsport to the region. The track is predominantly used for testing, as well as driving training and track days.

It’s a fast track, with one of the highest average speeds in France. Two 650M straights are connected by 7 corners, all with varying degrees of difficulty. The biggest opportunity for overtaking is in to turn 2, after the longest straight on the track a very tight right handed hairpin can be found, with a short straight followed by a left handed corner.

more infos here

Location: La Genetouze, France
Length: 1.37 miles/2.2km
Corners: 7
Direction: Clockwise

Virtual Track :

The sim version of this track was created by barcika. He made this track using Google BobsTrackBuilder, 3dsMax, 3dSimED, GEditor, Photoshop. I think he has produced some outstanding tracks recently, all credit to him.

GTR2 Version

I did a basic conversion in 3DSimEd. Added rain reflection, did changes to GDB and TRK file.
I tuned the materials a bit (usually the bias settings are all -4 in BTB, causing a lot of flickering)
I added trees with multi transparency.
I did also convert it to rFactor so I could edit the AIW:
It now has 36 real garage positons and a path in the paddock that the cars will follow.


Track made from scratch by barcika
GTR2 LODS made by FrankyBB from Pilsbierbude.
Conversion to GTR2 by ZWISS



Size: 13 MB
Version: 1.0
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