Nürburgring 2001 v1.0

Nürburgring 2001 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion and revised by ZWISS


– ISI for the original F1 2001 track
– BlackHawk / FrankyBB for the GTR2 LODS
– Khan1670 for helping me with some AIW issues
– Mc_wolf for marchall assistance

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

This is the version of the well known GP track, before they added the Mercedes arena after the first corner. The Castrol-S used to have a lot of incidents, the most famous was Ralf and Michael Schumacher taking each other out in 1997.

Nürburgring - Grand-Prix-Strecke

The Nürburgring is a 150,000 person capacity motorsports complex located in the town of Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It features a Grand Prix race track built in 1984, and a much longer Nordschleife “North loop” track which was built in the 1920s around the village and medieval castle of Nürburg in the Eifel mountains. The north loop is 20.8 km (12.9 mi) long and has more than 300 metres (1,000 feet) of elevation change from its lowest to highest points. Jackie Stewart nicknamed the old track “The Green Hell”.

The new track was completed in 1984 and named GP-Strecke (German: Großer Preis-Strecke: literally, “Grand Prix Course”). It was built to meet the highest safety standards. However, it was considered in character a mere shadow of its older sibling. Some fans, who had to sit much farther away from the track, called it Eifelring, Ersatzring, Grünering or similar nicknames, believing it did not deserve to be called Nürburgring. Like many circuits of the time, it offered few overtaking opportunities.

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The virtual track :

This track was taken from F1 2001 Challenge, made by ISI for Electronic Arts.
I have done the conversion myself.
It took me a long time to figure out how to convert the textures…

What I did :

– straight conversion from F1-2001
– edit most textures, create a lot of new textures, spec maps and add maps.
– AIW work (pacecar, more grid positions, fix pitting)
– fix the startlights and pitlights
– added rain reflection
– make the main straight wider
– make all tirewalls lower
– import some objects and textures from Nurburgring 2005
– cut up track object for better FPS

known issues :

– time trial is not fixed yet.
– the track could use some better camera’s


Size: 11 MB
Version: 1.0
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