Sekia Circuit 2012 v1.0

Sekia Circuit 2012 for GTR2

Track created by Cappachihngo

Track Infos :

Sekia Circuit, formerly known as Sekia Hills D.E.C., is a very popular track for drifting located in Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan’s Kyushu island.

It hosts various drifting events such as Wako’s Cup or MSC. The main layout is a 1 km long course. There is also a kart course on the other side of the garage which often hosts karting sessions as well as mini-bike sessions. The kart course is modelled (to a very limited extent) and is drivable. Just reverse out of the garage into the large open parking lot.

Official Webpage:

I’ve obtained persmission from mainiak to convert his version of this track for rFactor.
I’ve also updated the track so reflect the changes done with in the past few years to the track.


Cappachihngo (aka: efcb/EverFresh Cranberry)

Change log :

Version 1.0

1. Start lights added
2. Flag marshal stand added
3. Yokohama, Hankook and Federal Tires ad billboards added to far side of track.
4. Trees moved closer to track/tire ad billboards
5. Guardrail/movable tires added to second last hairpin.
6. Wako’s ad billboard added to pit entrance
7. Pit fence shorten near pit entrance area.
8. Brown tirewalls added to the pit entrance area.
9. Flag marshals added.
10. Animated crowd added.
11. Rain textures added.
12. Improved AI.


1. Extract to …\GTR2\Gamedata\Locations
2. Run GTR2 & Enjoy 🙂

Known Issues :

1. AI’s dry raceline does not follow the track tire markings (Those were put down from drifting so they won’t match a good tight raceline).
2. AI sometimes clip the side of the garage or the fencing when pulling out of the garage.
3. AI sometimes takes the second last hairpin too wide and runs into the guardrail.
4. AI sometimes clip the tirewall barrier when heading into the pitlane.


1. mainiak & team for their original rFactor work and permission to convert. Please see original read me file attached below.
2. Simbin for bringing us GTR2.

Disclaimer :

DO NOT modify this track without permission !

This track in its entirely or parts there of is NOT to be converted to any other game without the express permission from me: efcb @

This track is ONLY avaliable to be hosted on F1Classics or unless permission granted from author.

I accept no responsibilities for losses or damage resulting from the use of any version of my tracks.

This track is to be distributed free for non-commercial purposes.

Contact :

efcb @
EverFresh Cranberry @



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Version: 1.0
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